Boston Trip Part 7 (Ramen Yume Wo Katare)

Continued previous article.

One of the most important purpose in my visit to Boston is to eat ramen at Yume Wo Katare.

“Yume Wo Katare” ramen store is only one ramen store inspired by the “Ramen Jiro” in U.S.
“Ramen Jiro” is very famous ramen store in Japan.
It has unusual flavored soup which is very fatty and rich.

I have never eaten the Ramen taste like Jiro in U.S.
I heard there is only one Ramen shop like Jiro at Boston.
I was looking forward to eating Yume Wo Katare.

According to the rumor of very long queue line and long time wait,
I afraid the one hour or more waiting.
Then, we arrived at 4:30 PM, 30 minutes before their business time.

I found the two person there before us.
And I asked them “Are you on the queue line?”
They said yes.
We became to third and forth customers.

At 5:00 PM store opened.
we are in the store.

In the store, little strange table layout.

Each table has 5 or 6 seats, and all customer have to sit facing towards the kitchen.
There are three line table like school room.
I understood the reason soon.
Because this store makes Ramen only 5 bowls at one time.
They takes 5 order and make Ramen at one time.

The store staff told to some girls behind us, who are sixth and seventh customer on the queue line.
“You need to wait 15 minutes” store staff sad to girls.
I feel little strange, there are enough seats available for more customers.
But, it means 5 bowl restriction.

Fortunately, we are included the first 5 customers.
First of all, we need to order and pay upfront at cashier near store door.
I took the water glass and chopsticks from the counter, and then seated at the line style table.
Second, there was a very important special question from store staff.
“Do you want to tell everyone about your dream?”

So this store name “Yume wo Katare” means “Talk about your dream”.

If you say “Yes!”, staff gives you the signboard like this.
When the person who has the signboard finished Ramen he/she can talk about their dreams to everyone.

Previously, all customer must talk about their dreams.
But, now a customer can chose to talk or not.

U.S people seams to like talk to audience compared to Japanese.
Many people was telling their dreams, while we ware in the store.

The ramen is

In my impressions as following.
I’v never eaten such fatty and rich tasted soup like this store.
Noodle is thick but not so thick, If anything, it’s broaden type.
I think it means they want to shorten the boiling time.
Then, little less it causes the Ramen taste than top class Ramen store’s noodle.
And about soup…
It definitely the best fatty and rich soup in U.S.
But, unfortunately it’s not better than top class ramen store in Japan.
If this store is in Japan,
nobody makes such long line.

I wish their ramen taste more close to Jiro.
Please catch up to Jiro.

Definitely, it’s the best ramen kind of fatty and rich ramen in U.S for me.
I believe this ramen store has more potentials.

In my Boston trip ended at this time.
We got on the Amtrak and backed to Manhattan.

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