Boston Trip Part 6 (Subway T)

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Second day.
After lobster lunch.

In my first plan, We are going to enjoy the town working on Freedom Trail.
But it’s still raining along with strong wind.

I had to change plan.
I decide to go to Science museum.

There is a subway system in Boston.
They are less complicated than NY’s subway system.
Boston people call it “T”.

Several times I found the signs at town.
It means subway station just like green ball signs at New York.

At first I couldn’t understand how to buy tickets.
Through a trial and error process, I finally succeeded in buying a ticket somehow.

Lovely-looking train car arrives at the track.

Manhattan train lines are distinguished A or B or R or 1,2,3.
But Boston train lines are distinguished by color.
In Manhattan, the train direction goes “Uptown” and “Downtown”.
In Boston, it goes “Inbound” and “Outbound”.

And I found the very lovely locomotive.

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