Boston Trip Part 1 (Amtrak)

Usually I wrote the blog in Japanese.

But I try to write in English this topics so that my U.S friend can read.

Few weeks ago I visited the Boston for sight seeing.

Why Boston?
Not mean match.

Boston is relatively close from New York.
And sea side, I’m sure I can eat good seafood.

I’ll write few articles about Boston trip….
In English…in English..
I don’t know if they are good sentences for you,
I try to.

First article is train trip to Boston.

I’v never gotten on train in U.S except NY Metro.
I was exited to get on Amtrak.

Amtrak departs from Pen station which is 2 minutes away from my apartment.

The most difference for train departure between U.S and Japan is that I can’t find the track number until few minutes before the train departing time in U.S..
It’s funny thing for Japanese.
I can find the track number in train time schedule book even one day before or one month before in Japan.
Then we have to find the track number in board 10 minutes before train depart.

After indicated the track number, I go down to track.

I checked the my seat number on ticket.
But no seat number.
I asked the train staff where my seat is.
They said any seat is okay.
We had the opportune seat.

To my surprise, there is power outlet for each seat.
it’s very convenient for long trip.

The train left the station with the bell that sounds like the old alarm clock.
After few minutes from the departure, train stuff came for ticket check.

Train stuff puts the small paper on baggage shelf above our seat.

And one more to my surprise,I can use the Wi-Fi network.

it’s very convenient for long trip.

And one more convenient thing.
I can buy the beer at dining car.
it’s very very very very convenient for long trip.

Amtrak mark on a napkin.
It’s trivial thing.

After four hours ride.
We arrived the south station at Boston.

And one more to my surprise.
We had the seat in Quiet car.
Japanese people never know Quiet car.
There is no the Quiet car system in Japan.
Sometime weepy voice becomes a problem in Japan.
There is no such issue in this system.

Will continue next articles.

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